Golf Courses

Lake Excavation

During the construction of a golf course, the relatively flat topography of Southwest Florida is transformed into a beautiful landscape of rolling fairways, lakes, cart paths and other golf course features. Once the land is cleared, the process of lake excavation and reshaping of the land begins. Material dug from the lakes are moved to other areas of the golf course or development. Finished lakes will not only serve as a golf course feature, but they also become habitat for wildlife and plant life, in addition they serve as areas for water retention or control.

Rough Grading & Shaping

Experienced golf course shapers operate heavy equipment to rough grade and shape the course. Dirt is moved from the lake areas or brought in from offsite to achieve the desired grades in keeping with the direction and drawings from the golf course architect.

Bunkers, Bridges, & Bulkheads

Special golf course features require special expertise. Our team of professionals possess a commitment to quality, specific on-the-job knowledge and have proven their ability to perform in the field. Decades of experience translates to superbly constructed greens, fairways, traps and bunkers.

Cart Paths

Golf cart paths can be built of asphalt, concrete, shell, or other desired materials. Bonness has the expertise and equipment to build cart paths in any medium. We also repair and maintain existing golf cart paths requiring specially sized equipment to limit damage to surrounding areas.

Irrigation & Drainage

Our crews meticulously install drain pipes, culverts, and catch basins for proper golf course drainage, as well as pumping stations and sprinkler equipment for irrigation. Each component is crucial for healthy turf propagation.


Following the installation of extensive underground drainage and irrigation systems, the final grading is done to the proper elevation. Fairways, greens, and tees are sodded or seeded with your choice of grasses and watered.

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