Parking Lots

Parking Lots

Commercial parking lots are a specialty of Bonness. Experienced, talented crews, the right equipment for the job and the wherewithal to successfully complete any commercial project. Bonness stands poised to build your new parking lot or renovate your existing one.

New construction services include stabilized base rock, asphalt pavement or specialty surfaces, concrete curb and sidewalks, carstops, stripes, and traffic signs.

Renovation and maintenance services include additions, removals, re-installations, patching, sealcoating, and re-striping. Bonness’s stellar reputation in the industry comes from decades of paving diverse and challenging projects throughout Southwest Florida.

Parking Surfaces

Parking lots are typically constructed of asphalt, concrete, or brick pavers. Often the choice is determined by the characteristics of the project such as size, surroundings, and functionality. Asphalt is recommended for larger parking lots because of the smooth ride, flexibility, value, and ease of maintenance. In Southwest Florida, asphalt is typically installed over a limestone or shell base. When the subgrade is made up of sandy soil, such as is found in this area, the soil will need to be stabilized before installing the base. Your civil engineer will calculate and specify the thickness of stabilized subgrade, base, and asphalt based on existing conditions as well as intended traffic usage.

Curbs & Sidewalks

Concrete curbs and sidewalks are a common design feature in parking lots. Concrete curbs function as a landscape barrier, while also promoting rainwater drainage. Sidewalks are needed to handle foot traffic and are most often constructed of either concrete or brick pavers. Bonness specializes in curbs and walkways for any businesses. Members of our concrete division are considered artisans in their work, especially in terms of handcrafted curbs. Bonness’s expertise is backed up with decades of continued success in producing beautifully finished products throughout Southwest Florida.

Carstops & Striping

Carstops, stripes, directional arrows, and signs are installed by our striping crew as soon as possible after paving while the area is still blocked off. This eliminates extended parking delays for your customers or tenants.


Correct parking lot drainage is achieved through a system of surface run-off, drainage structures, pipes, appurtenances, and retention ponds. The entire system must be designed and maintained so as to drain quickly even in a heavy rainfall. It is important to retain the services of a professional paving contractor who possesses the right equipment and expertise to properly construct your parking lot to achieve the adequate drainage.

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