Roads, Sidewalks
& Entrances

Asphalt Pavement

Asphalt pavement is the surface of choice for roadways for the majority of community and commercial developments in Southwest Florida. Civil engineers specify asphalt due to its smooth riding surface, durability, flexibility, value, and ease of maintenance. Asphalt is installed on top of a properly constructed base and stabilized subsurface. Bonness, Southwest Florida’s premier paving contractor, has specialized in both new construction and complex renovation paving projects in Southwest Florida for the past 35 years.

Concrete Curbs & Sidewalks

Concrete is the ideal product for curbs, sidewalks, gutter inlets, flumes and other specialty applications which are incidental to road construction. The shape, thickness, and requirements for reinforcement are determined by design professionals based on structural necessity, design ordinances, and desired aesthetic outcome. The concrete crews at Bonness have years of experience, as well as all the specialized machinery necessary to install or repair any of these specialty concrete applications.

Brick Paver Entrances

Many community roadways in Southwest Florida are constructed entirely of brick pavers. However, because of the rougher ride, as well as the higher costs and increased maintenance of brick pavers, pavers are generally reserved for entrances of developments where their beauty and uniqueness serve to enhance the curb appeal of the community. Bonness constructs brick paver entrances with a structurally sound base, the installation of a concrete ribbon curb if desired, and lays brick pavers in the color, shapes, and designs of choice.

Street Lighting & Signalization

As part of an overall street and highway package, Bonness will supervise the installation or modification of street lighting or traffic signalization as part of your new construction or renovation project.

Pavement Markings & Signage

Roadways are considered complete when the pavement markings and signs are installed. This may consist of painted or reflective thermoplastic stripes, stop signs, speed limit signs, crosswalks, stop bars, reflective pavement markers, ADA handicap mats, and any other type of specific markings. Bonness’s specialty crews install all pavement markings and signs for the completion of development projects. Installation guidelines are dictated by local traffic control ordinances and Florida D.O.T. design standards.

Traffic Control

Safety is a major concern for the general public during street and highway construction, as well as our employees. Bonness provides traffic control in the way of signs, barricades, flagmen, message boards, etc. Lane closures are done only with the permission and guidance of the city, county, or state, depending on the jurisdiction.

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