Bonness’ team has the ability to handle all aspects of earthwork and sitework development, including clearing, demolition, excavation, importing fill material, blasting, rock hammering and trenching, stabilizing, subgrading, rough and final grading, swale grading, sloping, and grassing. Through proper job planning, scheduling, and execution, Bonness will take the utmost pride in completing the groundwork for your beautiful site.


Bonness performs all types of clearing and earthwork. Selective clearing may be preferred to preserve desirable vegetation. Clearing includes the removal of all unwanted vegetation from your site through burning or mulching and hauling offsite, whichever is the most cost effective. All projects are performed with the proper permitting and appropriate methods of environmental protection.


We will take care of any existing pavements, millings, utilities, asbestos and structures that need to be removed or recycled in order to proceed with your sitework project. All material from the demolition will be disposed of properly and in compliance with environmental regulations and guidelines.

Lake Excavation

Both new construction and renovation projects generally involve some excavation, whether it is in the form of a small retention pond or a multi-acre lake. The depth of a lake and the slopes of the lake banks are governed by engineered drawings that must comply with government guidelines. Appropriate equipment and expertise are needed to meet the specifications. In some cases, layers of rock must be hammered out or blasted to loosen the rock before excavation. In other cases, offsite dewatering may be necessary as well.


In Southwest Florida, typical pavement specifications include a stabilized subgrade, a base, and a wearing surface. The base is generally constructed of limerock or shellbase anywhere between 4″ to 12″ deep depending on the type of traffic that it is designed to service. The wearing surface is most often constructed of asphalt between 1″ to 2 1/2″ thick, again depending on the intended traffic. Before the asphalt is laid, the base material must be graded to the proper elevation and depth, followed by rolling and compaction. During the entire process, the materials and density of compaction are tested for optimum performance. Rough site grading, finish base grading, and final grading are all areas in which Bonness has decades of expertise.

Import Fill

Many new developments can be designed by a civil engineer so that the existing earth is balanced on the project by utilizing material dug from onsite lakes and retention areas. Unfortunately, it is not possible in all circumstances and import fill must be brought in to meet the design grades. With many resources available to us, our team will come up with the most cost effective means for providing this service.

Subgrade Preparation

Prior to a road or parking lot base installation, the subgrade must be stable with an adequate Limerock Bearing Ratio (LBR). Bonness prepares the subgrade by mixing in aggregate material as necessary, bringing it to the proper elevation, and compacting to an optimal density.

Wetlands Restoration

Properties can be returned to their natural state for water management purposes and for restoration of a habitat’s wildlife and plant life. Bonness performs this service for governmental agencies throughout Southwest Florida.

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