& Repairs

Removals & Repairs

Damaged curbs, sidewalks, or pavement may be removed and replaced. No matter how large or how small the project, Bonness can help you with your needs. We use diamond blade concrete saws to cut the perimeter of each repair producing a sharp, even edge. Hard-to-reach places can be accessed with a bobcat or a small backhoe allowing for maximum production and quality, while limiting damage to adjacent grass and the surface areas.

Asphalt Overlay

Rejuvenate the look of your commercial property by repairing, replacing or resurfacing your existing pavement. We’ll make your parking lot look like new again. Asphalt surfaces have an expected life of between 10 and 15 years. After that time, the pavement may be overlaid with a new layer of asphalt. Oftentimes, edge milling is necessary or desirable to meet existing grades or to promote water drainage. Milled asphalt is hauled back to a local asphalt plant to be recycled.


To complete your renovation project, we will restripe all your parking stripes, directional arrows and other pavement markings. We offer both paint and thermoplastic striping. Or if your parking lot is still in good condition, consider giving your property a face-lift by repainting the lines and traffic markings. We also help bring your parking lot into ADA Code Specifications.

Drainage Improvements

It is not uncommon for older pavements to develop drainage issues over the years. Renovation is an ideal time to address water problems. Care will be taken to advise you on the best way to alleviate your drainage issues with possible solutions including increased slope, yard drains, catch basins, and swale grading, to name a few. During installation or repair of your pavement, our crews are trained to give special attention to drainage issues.

Utility Repairs

Bonness also repairs any underground systems. Sinkholes are excavated and explored for leaking or busted pipes, repaired and inspected, and then followed by restoration of the pavement or landscape.

Traffic Modifications

Whether it be additional traffic lanes, traffic-calming designs, street widening, or other types of traffic modification, Bonness has decades of experience and expertise to handle the complexity of any project.

Intersection Improvements

Intersection improvements require exceptional planning and execution. With a high level of complexity, as well as challenging traffic control issues, intersection work requires an experienced and diverse contractor. Bonness has performed countless intersection projects in Southwest Florida throughout the past 35 years.

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