Pavement Drainage

No matter what the pavement application, drainage is always of particular concern. With Southwest Florida’s flat terrain, standing puddles of water are a common occurrence. Our trained professionals will provide advice to you or will work with your design professional to address any areas of concern before quotation. Various solutions are available depending on circumstances such as increased slope, yard drainage, catch basins and swale grading to name a few.

Culvert & Swale Grading

Many neighborhoods provide drainage through a system of swales. In this case, culvert pipes are used to facilitate the flow of water under driveway approaches. Bonness installs culverts and concrete mitered end sections in accordance with all government standards and requirements.

Concrete Curb & Gutter

Bonness specializes in all types of specialty concrete work. Whether for drainage purposed or for aesthetic appeal, varying curb types are available to address your specific needs. Concrete is also often the best solution for transition areas between different pavement applications.

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