Driveway Installations

Asphalt Driveways

An attractive driveway is more than just an entrance to your home. It is an asset. Your driveway’s appearance is the first impression most people have when approaching your property. A properly designed and constructed residential driveway will add charm, utility, and value to your Southwest Florida home. Asphalt is an ideal application for estate driveways as its softened, and contiguous appearance compliments any natural setting.

Concrete Driveways

Though concrete can be installed in any driveway, it is particularly cost effective and appropriate for smaller driveways where space is limited. Bonness pours concrete driveways using only 3000psi concrete mix or higher, with a keen eye on the appropriate depth that is structurally needed to support the intended traffic.

Decorative Stone Driveways

Decorative stonework is a specialty of Bonness. For over 35 years, we’ve installed this stylish old Florida look on driveways throughout Southwest Florida. Brown or white river gravel, gray granite, pea-gravel, or crushed seashell embraces our tropical surroundings when bonded to your driveway.

Properly installed, a stone driveway consists of an optional pressure treated wood edging, a solid limerock or shell base and an application of a liquid asphalt cement binder, followed by a one-inch application of loose gravel. After rolling and brooming, it provides a beautiful, uniform and functional driveway surface that will last for years. A wide variety of decorative stones are carried locally, but other more exotic stones can be shipped via special order.

Brick Paver Driveways

A brick paver driveway will add beauty and value to your home. With a large variety of colors and shapes available, design options are virtually endless. An unyielding, professionally installed base to support these decorative pavers will insure a solid foundation for years of functionality as well as the splendor that a brick paver driveway offers.

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