April 2024

A Crash Course on Culverts, Part II

In the previous blog post, we delved into the fundamentals of culverts, covering what these are and their pivotal role in construction and drainage management. Continuing from where we left off, this second installment of the two-part blog series will dive deeper into the essential considerations professionals like us take into account when installing culverts. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge necessary to understand the complexity and importance of culverts in our infrastructure.

A Crash Course on Culverts, Part I

From the bustling urban regions to the serene landscapes, the function and design of culverts contribute significantly to the city’s infrastructure and ecological balance. Bonness, a trusted name among local asphalt paving contractors, delves into what culverts are, why they’re so important, and the many considerations that go into their design and installation.