5 Common Stormwater Drainage Problems in Residential Developments

Effective stormwater management is essential in residential developments to prevent flooding, property damage and environmental harm. At Bonness, we specialize in stormwater system design and installation, offering solutions that integrate best practices in asphalt paving and stormwater management.

In this post, you’ll learn about the top five stormwater drainage issues crucial for aiding residential communities in gearing up for the next hurricane season.

1. Inadequate Drainage Infrastructure

One significant issue in many residential developments is the lack of adequate drainage infrastructure. As neighborhoods expand, the demand for effective stormwater management increases. Older or poorly designed systems may not handle the volume of water resulting from heavy rainfalls. 

The key to mitigating this problem is designing a comprehensive drainage system that can handle peak flow conditions. Well-engineered solutions are crucial to guarantee that drainage infrastructures meet present and future requirements, safeguarding properties from water damage.

2. Clogged Drainage Systems

In areas with rapid vegetation growth, drainage systems often get clogged with leaves, twigs and sediment and pose a persistent challenge. Regular maintenance and cleaning are vital to keep water flowing smoothly and prevent blockages that could cause flooding. Before hurricane season, homeowners and community managers should prioritize routine inspections and cleaning to ensure their stormwater drainage systems remain efficient.

3. Poorly Constructed Asphalt Surfaces

Good asphalt paving is key for managing stormwater in neighborhoods. Badly done asphalt surfaces can cause water to pool and drain incorrectly, making flooding worse. With our expertise in asphalt, we know how to build top-notch surfaces that help water flow right. Hiring pros ensures your roads and driveways are not just strong but also help the whole drainage system work better in residential areas.

4. Soil Erosion and Sediment Runoff

In residential developments, it’s common to encounter problems caused by soil erosion and sediment runoff, which can degrade stormwater infrastructure and water quality. In areas where storms can be particularly intense, erosion control measures become crucial. Implementing solutions such as retaining walls, proper grading and vegetation buffers can significantly reduce the impact of soil erosion and sediment runoff. 

5. Ineffective Water Retention Areas

Retention and detention basins are critical components of any stormwater management system, designed to hold excess water during heavy rains and release it slowly. However, if these areas are not correctly sized or maintained, their effectiveness is compromised. In new residential developments, ensuring these features are expertly designed and constructed is essential for effectively managing stormwater. 

Stay ahead of the storm and ensure your properties are well-prepared. Whether it’s asphalt paving or setting up a stormwater system, our team at Bonness makes sure your property can handle whatever the weather throws its way. To book a service, call (239) 597-6221 or complete our contact form.