5 Paving Errors That Asphalt Contractors Never Make

Asphalt paving is a challenge for an inexperienced contractor. Leveling and compacting asphalt while consistently maintaining its temperature requires precision. Mistakes in the process can lead to poor workmanship or paving issues.

That said, make sure you’re working with a reliable asphalt paving contractor so you can avoid these five paving errors.

1. Poor Asphalt Quality

Poor asphalt quality will cause the surface to show cracks in a short amount of time. This will also cause the asphalt paving to have a shorter lifespan of only one to three years. Experienced asphalt paving contractors usually encourage clients to use high-quality asphalt for superior results.

2. Disregarding Slope Control and Auto-Grade Systems

Without slope control and auto-grade systems, operator mistakes are likely to increase. Remember that these are meant to reduce such errors and to ensure the equipment works accordingly. When looking for asphalt contractors, hire a company with an operator that knows how to use high-quality equipment with such systems.

3. Speedy Asphalt Pavement Installation

A variation in the asphalt surface may cause unevenness and inconsistency, creating unnecessary planes and elevations. These issues can create bumps that cause vehicles to suffer from premature wear and tear.

4. Incorrect Compactor Operation

An asphalt compactor is used to compact loose asphalt into a road or other hard surface. It is typically used in construction to make a road surface harder and more durable.

One of the most important aspects of properly operating an asphalt compactor is ensuring that the air intake, exhaust and drive belts are clean and clear of any debris. This will ensure the machine is running efficiently and effectively.

Experienced contractors understand that the proper operation of asphalt compactors prevents damage to the machine and the road surface. 

5. Shallow Foundations

Poor asphalt pavement application can occur when the base of the asphalt is too shallow relative to the depth of the asphalt layer. This can lead to poor pavement performance, sinking, cracking and unevenness. Professionals understand the importance of a firm foundation that isn’t prone to buckling. They may use gravel, concrete, sand or even steel bars to create these foundations.

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