A Seasonal Guide to Asphalt Maintenance in Florida

Weather is an important factor to consider in maintaining your parking lot. It can be challenging to perform regular maintenance on asphalt surfaces in Florida due to the longer rainy seasons. However, if you stick to a strict schedule and make advanced preparations, your pavement can look impressive all year round. 

Asphalt Maintenance

Winter and Spring 

Winter and spring is the perfect time in Florida for outdoor maintenance and repair. During this time, you are most likely to experience drier weather. Take this opportunity to check for any noticeable damage on your parking lot.

If issues, such as cracks and pitting, are not repaired immediately, there’s a possibility that your pavement may crumble or form potholes. Your asphalt paving crew may use fresh hot asphalt to fill in the cracks and holes. Meanwhile, resurfacing is reserved for those pavements with more sizable damage. Resurfacing is technically the same as the above method. But instead of patching only the cracks, the asphalt is laid over your entire parking lot.

Weathering and staining also can be a huge problem on asphalt, but you can prevent them thanks to sealcoating. By applying a sealcoat on top of the asphalt, your pavement becomes resistant to weather damage and stains. Since Florida doesn’t go through harsh winters, your sealcoat can last for about four years, though you may have to apply it more often in busy parking lots. 

Summer and Fall

Summer and fall in Florida are usually accompanied by rain and hurricanes. This means it would be more difficult to maintain your pavements. Nevertheless, you can still opt for smaller and simpler projects, such as cleaning and minor repairs.

A monthly or bi-monthly professional cleaning is advisable. Make sure that your parking lot is also clear from leaves, garbage and other debris. They may trap moisture that could lead to asphalt pores and ruin the paving as time goes by. Car fluids are harmful to your asphalt pavement, too. These chemicals can affect your coastal water or even your drinking water from the rain run-off. 

Due to the rainy season, cracks may appear, especially on newer lots. While it is not recommended to resurface your lot during this time, having these small cracks repaired can prevent them from becoming a bigger problem in the future. 

With proper care and maintenance, your asphalt pavement will last longer and continue to function well. Look no further than Bonness Inc. to do the job. Call us at (239) 597-6221, or fill out our contact form to set an appointment.