Asphalt Pavement Damage Due to Environmental Factors

Asphalt is a superior and versatile paving material for constructing and maintaining roads, parking areas, sidewalks and more. Made up of aggregate, sand and other reinforcing additives, asphalt pavement has been widely used for its excellent performance and skid resistance. However, factors like weather conditions and wear and tear can cause asphalt damage to rapidly deteriorate. Here, we discuss three types of asphalt pavement damage.

1. Potholes: Unfortunately, many are all too familiar with potholes. These are small, bowl-shaped depressions in the pavement that penetrate the layer of asphalt down to the base course. Potholes are usually the result of prolonged water intrusion from existing cracks, which can become more drastic as vehicles drive over them. A full-depth replacement patch is usually applied to restore the surfaces with potholes.

2. Depressions: Also called birdbaths, depressions are surfaces that have a fairly lower elevation than the surrounding pavement. They tend to be very noticeable when filled with rainwater. According to an asphalt paving specialist, less severe depressions can be restored by applying a thin surface patch, whereas severe depressions may have to be removed and replaced completely.

3. Rutting: Ruts in asphalt pavements are indentations along the wheel path of vehicles. This problem results from the lateral movement of the subgrade under traffic. Weak asphalt mixes, moisture infiltration, insufficient pavement thickness and lack of compaction of the surface layers are common causes of rutting. If the rut is minor or has stabilized, it can be filled and overlaid. If the depressions are a bit severe, the area should be removed and replaced with an appropriate material.

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