Maintenance Tips for Brick Paver Driveways and Sidewalks

Like most other parts of your home’s exterior, your brick paver driveway or sidewalk is exposed to wear. You’ll want to keep it looking like new for as long as you can, and, fortunately, you can do so with some care and maintenance.

Seal the Pavers

Sealing is a process where a specially-formulated sealant is applied over the pavers. This can be applied right after installation or even years down the line. However, the sooner it’s installed, the better-preserved the pavers will be. Old pavers may require a thorough cleaning using a pressure washer and will have to be dried thoroughly before application. This prevents moss, mold and mildew from growing under the layer of sealant. For best possible results, have it done by a professional.

Use Polymeric Sand Between Pavers

Sand can be applied between the pavers to fill the gaps as well as prevent plants and insects from burrowing between the bricks. While regular landscaping sand can be used, it doesn’t help prevent weed growth, and it can be washed away during heavy rainfall. Polymeric sand, on the other hand, has a binder compound that absorbs moisture after installation and creates a durable and tight seal between the cracks. As with paver sealant application, having it done by professionals yields the best results. 

Clean Stains Immediately

Oil, grease and gasoline can sometimes trail from your garage and onto the pavers as you use your vehicle and cause stains. The sooner you get to these stains, the easier it is to clean them off. Your secret weapon is dish detergent as it’s formulated to cut grease. Apply undiluted dish detergent on the stain, scrub it gently with a bristle brush, and allow 10 to 20 minutes before hosing the detergent away. If you’re using powder dish detergent, make a paste from it by adding some water before applying it to the stain. It’s important to use a garden hose and not a pressure washer for this process, as the latter can strip away pavement sealers.

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