Proper Grading and Swales: Why Are They Important?

Following heavy rainfall, the last thing you want is to have water accumulating in places where it doesn’t belong. To protect your home and landscaping from water runoff, you’ll need to have an effective drainage solution. This means grading specific areas properly and adding swales to manage water runoff. But you’ll need a premier expert for this.

Here’s a quick overview:

How Do Grading and Swales Work?

Grading refers to shaping the land in your property so it can efficiently direct runoff to an approved collection point or swale. This ensures that water won’t lead to poolin in unwanted areas like around your home or greenery, preventing soil erosion and damage to your home’s foundation. Grading may involve removing grass, excavating soil and laying new sod – but this will depend on your property’s existing situation.

What Makes Them Important?

As mentioned, proper grading and swales can eliminate water problems around your property. But there’s more to them than this. Grading and swales are a more convenient drainage solution because they can channel water away from your property without the need for mechanical equipment.

Proper grading and swale formation is a permanent drainage correction service. They are virtually maintenance-free because there are no mechanical components that may fail over time and require replacement. If you want to retain the look and structural integrity of your walls, walkways and landscaping, you should consider investing in these options.

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