Reasons Your Asphalt Isn’t Smooth (And Why You Should Care)

Asphalt paving has multiple advantages for homeowners, such as its durability, relatively low upkeep requirements and economical cost to install. But if one of the essential aspects of your asphalt surface is overlooked during installation, there is a chance you will experience an unsmooth road ahead, both literally and figuratively. Here’s what you should be aware of and why you should not overlook these.

Asphalt Isn’t Smooth

Incorrect Installation

The most likely cause of an uneven asphalt surface is incorrect installation. For example, failing to remove the old pavement, disregarding base layers and not grading properly can lead to fast deterioration and damage if not noticed right away. Additionally, if the hot mix isn’t applied evenly or there is a lack of compaction after laying it out on the driveway, further problems can arise early on, like ruts running along its length.

Poor Drainage

According to asphalt contractors, improper drainage is another common issue that leads to an unsmooth asphalt surface. When water pools in the same spot on a driveway, it can cause cracks and potholes due to being exposed to freeze-thaw cycles repeatedly. Not having proper drainage along the road or not adjusting the asphalt grade to slope away from your home will accelerate this cycle of breaking down your driveway as well.

What You Can Do

The good news is that there are ways to fix an asphalt driveway when it is not properly installed or maintained. It just depends on the degree of damage that has been done and how much time you may have before it develops further issues. For example, correcting improper slopes or re-compacting settled areas may be necessary for restoring your driveway back into good condition.

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