Should You Be Worried About Tire Scuffing on Pavement?

Tire scuffs are a common issue on a newly installed asphalt pavement. But is this a serious enough issue to warrant a quick and decisive solution? 

Short Answer: Not Usually

As unsightly as they are, tire scuffs are not usually cause for concern. They’ll fade away on their own within two or three months. Still, it doesn’t hurt to learn more about what’s causing them in the first place. Tire scuffing on pavement may occur because of the following:

  • Age of the Asphalt Pavement

The newer the asphalt pavement, the likelier it is for tire scuffs to form. That’s because the asphalt itself is still soft and flexible. But as the material ages and hardens, the likelihood of tire scuffs developing on your pavement is significantly reduced.

  • Current Season

You’ll notice that tire scuffs are more prevalent during the summer because asphalt tends to soften under high temperatures. This won’t become an issue if the asphalt paving is installed during fall or winter as the lower temperature keeps the material rigid and allows it to cure properly.

  • Type of Asphalt

The asphalt options used in pavements are varied and numerous. Depending on the surface mix, the asphalt pavement can either absorb noise, reduce spray and splash during a rainstorm, or even drain rainwater properly. A coarser asphalt surface can usually reduce the potential for tire scuffing on pavement. Consulting a trusted local paving contractor like Bonness will give you a clearer idea about your options.

  • Weight of the Vehicle

Heavier vehicles with larger tires, such as vans and pickup trucks, often leave tire scuffs on pavements. But that’s not all. The volume of traffic driving over the pavement as well as poor driving habits may also lead to the same results. If you’ve just had your asphalt pavement installed, you might want to hold off on allowing vehicles on it so the surface has enough time to harden. This, in turn, prevents tire scuffing.

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