Spring: The Best Time of the Year to Pave the Driveway

Your house’s exterior isn’t the only thing contributing to your property’s frontage. The driveway is just as eye-catching, which is why driveway construction and maintenance are among the top projects for home improvement.

Paving the driveway helps with curb appeal and puts less strain on the wheels of your car, but when is the right time to do this project? Here’s why spring is the best time of the year to pave the driveway.

The Temperature Is Just Right

Temperature plays a key factor when laying asphalt, with the best temperature to do so at about 70 degrees. For us Floridians, this starts in May and ends early June. That said, it’s possible to pave the driveway in the early days of summer, but any later, and it will be more difficult for the asphalt to properly settle.

Take note that while asphalt is generally more weather-resistant than concrete paving, it has a limit on how much contracting and expanding it can take in cooler temperatures. This is the reason why it’s not advisable to pave asphalt in the colder months. It is quite possible to use Hot Mix Asphalt, but you’ll need the aid of an experienced contractor to ensure the asphalt is laid properly within such a limited timeframe.

Driveway Depth

Apart from temperature, the depth of the driveway also plays a key role in asphalt pavement. As a general rule, a surface coat of 1 ½ to 2 inches is enough for most driveways and is easily achievable with the aforementioned Hot Mix Asphalt.

For new driveway construction however, it requires a little bit of work. The ideal depth has six inches of gravel compacted in three-inch lifts for its sub base, with three inches of the new asphalt and one and half inches of ¾ binder of surface coat. This ensures that your new driveway doesn’t crack even if the temperatures start fluctuating.

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