The Pros and Cons of an Extended Driveway

A driveway extension may not be on everyone’s priorities when it comes to home improvements, yet it offers certain benefits that are worth considering. 

Extended Driveway

Reasons to Extend Your Driveway

A well-designed driveway offers the following benefits:

No more street parking: Street parking has some inherent risks, such as your vehicle getting scratched by careless drivers. You might also get ticketed or towed for double parking. Extending your driveway eliminates these risks.

Easier backyard access: Extending the driveway into the backyard makes it easier to load and unload heavy items between the door and your vehicle. It would also double as a secure staging area. You can leave luggage and other items near your vehicle and away from prying eyes, which you won’t want to do if your vehicle is parked in the street.

Increase your home’s value: An extended driveway can boost your home’s value – something you’d want even if you’re not planning on selling your home.

Things to Consider Before Extending Your Driveway

Maintenance requirements: Consider how much maintenance your current driveway needs. If you’re doing your own driveway maintenance, then you’ll need to spend more time on an extended area. Driveways typically need resealing every three years or so.

Your HOA might not allow it: Review your homeowners association’s (HOA) covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) as it may have specific restrictions against extending your driveway. Make sure to seek out written approval from your HOA board before you start looking for contractors. Otherwise, you may end up paying fines and redoing the project – which in this case might mean putting the driveway back to what it was.

It might look out of place: Try to visualize how the extended driveway will look in proportion to other areas in your property as an extended driveway can make other parts of your yard look smaller. Illustrations or computer renderings can be helpful in this regard. A local paving company can also recommend a design that would look great with your home.

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