What’s Causing the Puddles on Your Asphalt Pavement?

While puddles of rainwater in parking lots are nothing out of the ordinary and are simply a regular sight for many, they should be a cause for concern for homeowners and property managers. Here’s why.

Top Culprits of Pavement and Parking Lot Puddles

It’s normal for pavements, driveways and parking lots to be slick from rain after a light shower or a torrential downpour. However, what’s not normal is when puddles form and don’t dry up long after the rain lets up. If you’re wondering how to deal with these pesky puddles, it might help to know what could be causing them in the first place. After all, knowing is half the battle.

1. Inadequate compaction – For the pavement surface to be even and for grade depression risks to be reduced, the sub-base of the pavement needs to be smoothly compacted before the asphalt installation.

2. Poor parking practices – Sometimes, asphalt ruts that lead to lingering puddles are not caused by sub-par paving, but by poor parking practices. Parking lots and driveways can only support certain weight limits. If vehicles or equipment that exceed the weight limit are left parked in place for an extended period of time, the surface can buckle from the sheer weight.

3. Substandard drainage – Correct slope and grade are essential to ensure that water drains from the pavement after a downpour.

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