4 Crucial Signs It’s Time Restripe Your Parking Lot

Parking lot restriping improves visibility for drivers and pedestrians, and makes parking more efficient. It can help reduce the cost of parking for customers and make parking lot management easier. Additionally, parking lot restriping helps make the parking lot safer for pedestrians and drivers by making driving directions and paths more visible.

Over time, parking lot stripes will fade and become nearly invisible. Here are four signs and indications to ensure you repaint them on time.

  1. After Sealcoating
    Pavement sealcoating is applying a sealer to the surface of a paved area to prevent water from penetrating the pavement and causing damage. The sealer helps keep water from accumulating on the pavement’s surface, so it’s less likely to freeze. Unfortunately, sealcoating will cover parking lot stripes, so restriping the parking lot after sealcoating is a good decision. 
  2. After Applying a New Asphalt Layer
    A new asphalt layer prevents moisture from penetrating the old asphalt and causing it to break apart. Plus, it ensures driver safety and a smooth driving experience because of the new surface while extending the pavement’s lifespan and durability. Restriping the parking lot after applying a new layer is critical to safety and complying with local parking lot safety guidelines. 
  3. Within a 12- to 24-Month Timeframe
    In most cases, parking lot paint will usually last 12 to 24 months with minimal fading. If a parking lot goes without repainting after 24 months, the stripes will begin to fade and peel, making the lot look unkempt, confusing and prone to accidents. Observe your parking lot paint, and call reliable driveway contractors when it’s time to restripe.
  4. Complying With Local Safety Laws
    Parking lot stripe regulations change on a state-by-state basis. Some states leave the responsibility of parking and pavement regulations to municipalities while other states define the minimum standards for parking lot stripes. For example, San Francisco is one of two cities in the United States with a parking lot regulation. All San Francisco parking lots must have stripes that are “at least six inches wide and one-eighth inch thick” that must run the length of the parking space.

No matter what state you’re in, you’ll need to restripe your parking lot immediately if the regulations change or your parking lot’s stripe condition has become non-compliant.

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