Can Fresh Asphalt Be Laid Over an Old Concrete Driveway?

When updating their driveways, property owners usually ask if they can lay fresh asphalt over their old concrete surface. Asphalt driveways are known for their excellent weather resistance, cost-effectiveness and ease of installation. Whether you can lay asphalt over an existing concrete surface depends on certain factors. 

Can You Lay Asphalt Over an Existing Concrete Driveway?

You can only lay asphalt over your old concrete driveway if the surface elevations permit it. While it can help reduce installation time and labor costs, it’s not always feasible. Keep in mind that this method comes with certain disadvantages, such as compromising the durability of your driveway. A sub-base asphalt driveway differs from a sub-base concrete driveway, risking the strength and flexibility of your pavement. 

Is This the Best Route for You?

Laying asphalt over concrete is common in building roads, such as streets and highways. The cost of concrete driveway also makes them a popular option among property owners. This material features excellent strength and durability, allowing professionals to lay asphalt over it. 

Concrete expands and contracts due to temperature changes, resulting in cracks. However, asphalt doesn’t have this property, and wherever concrete cracks, it will develop cracks as well. This issue can be avoided with regular driveway maintenance and crack filling of the affected areas to prevent water infiltration. Proper care can also prolong the life and beauty of your driveway. 

If you have decided to lay asphalt over your concrete driveway, choose to work with experienced professionals. They will ensure that the base has an equal thickness and clean the concrete surface thoroughly for proper adhesion. Experts know which adhesive to use to keep the asphalt bonded with the concrete surface beneath it. They will mill parts of the concrete, if necessary, and overlay asphalt with hot mix asphalt. 

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