The Dangers of Delaying Asphalt Repairs

Driveway asphalt repair can be expensive, so it is important to tackle small issues to prevent further damage and bigger asphalt driveway costs. Read more about how delaying patches and fixes on asphalt driveways can become dangerous for you and your property below. 

Delaying Asphalt Repairs

Water Damages

Water damage is one of the most common issues arising from delayed asphalt repair. If a particularly deep crack or hole is left open on an asphalt driveway and not filled, it will become prone to collecting rainwater and moisture. This pooling of water can ultimately cause serious erosion that eats away at the surrounding foundation and everything beneath it, such as pipes, cables and more.

Pothole and Cracks

If you don’t take care of potholes that form on asphalt driveways right away, road debris like gravel and dirt can accumulate in the larger potholes. This accumulation can make it even harder for you to fill up the potholes properly. Additionally, cracks in asphalt pavements are more likely to develop without proper sealants put on them before rain or snow hits. Such cracks can widen over time, leading to instability when cars pass over them.

Structural Degradation

Excessive traffic over faulty asphalt can reduce its lifespan and degrade the material’s strength. More cracks will begin to appear, compounded by softening in spots that have seen more vehicle wear and tear. Eventually, this structural degradation results in an asphalt driveway’s deterioration, leading to the need for a complete replacement. The cost of a concrete driveway is not cheap, so waiting until it needs replacing is by far the most costly option for any homeowner or business owner. 

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