What Causes Uneven or Sinking Driveways?

An uneven driveway is more than just an eyesore. A sudden lurch when driving over a hole can be an annoyance or, worse, can cause damage to your car. It can also be a hazard during wet seasons. Here’s a look at the common causes of sinking and uneven driveways.

Why Do Driveways Sink?

Uneven or sinking driveways can be caused by one or more of the following:

Poor foundations – Preparing the ground for the foundations is a critical step, whether you’re building a house or a driveway. With the latter, the base needs to be properly laid and compacted properly to make sure that it doesn’t sink at a later time. Otherwise, there could be air pockets or spongy areas that would result in cracking or sinking.

Water leaks – Surface cracks, leaking drainage pipes and poorly designed downspouts can result in water to seep under the driveway. Too much moisture can weaken the soil and later result in sinking. If building a new driveway, adding new drainage pipes or reinforcing them may drive the asphalt driveway cost a bit higher, but not having to deal with a sinking driveway in the future makes it a worthy investment.

Previously unknown environmental factors – The property may be located on a still-unstable ground as is sometimes the case with locations close to marshlands or in newly developed areas. In such conditions, house foundation issues like settling may also happen.

Fixing a Sinking Driveway

Small and localized indentations on a driveway can be fixed by relaying the paving stones or asphalt. However, if the issue is identified as a base level problem, then you’ll get better results by relaying the whole surface.

Releveling the surface – which usually involves the use of heavy equipment – is best left to professionals. To ensure a successful driveway repair, the ground needs to be properly prepared and made stable before all other layers are installed. You need a paving contractor that has experience with every type of soil composition, which can vary between locations. 

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