Why Is a Concrete Curb and Gutter System Important?

Concrete curb and gutters are typically installed on the edges of roads and parking lots. Their main purpose is to reinforce the pavement that’ll serve as a road surface. Nevertheless, a concrete curb and gutter system can also have many other functions.

 Concrete Curb

Today, we discuss the different uses of concrete curb and gutters. We also share a few tips on installing this type of system.

Why Concrete Curbs and Gutters Are Important

The edge of asphalt is the weakest part of a pavement, so it’s also usually the most vulnerable to damage from vehicles. To reinforce the area and avoid such damage, concrete curb and gutters can be added. These are typically poured before the asphalt, and they are around eight inches thick to ensure a strong barrier.

Without concrete curb and gutters, the weight of cars and trucks will likely push the asphalt toward the outlying dirt. This can cause cracks and crumbling of the pavement over time. And once cracks start forming on the surface, water can seep into these gaps and deteriorate your pavement.

Another important function of curb and gutters is that they direct run-off into proper collection points like storm drains and sewers. This prevents water from reaching the underlying roadbeds, thus protecting your paving from damage.

Key Considerations When Installing a Curb and Gutter System

The functions of curb and gutters are crucial to the longevity of your pavement. That’s why you should hire experienced and reliable contractors to install curb and gutters.

A perfect concrete form is essential to creating a curb and gutter. The installer may need to cut your asphalt back significantly in order to have enough room for the form — which is needed to ensure proper drainage, slopes and edges.

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