3 Parking Lot Materials and Their Pros and Cons

If you want to make a big impression to potential clients, make sure the exterior of your commercial property or business remains visually appealing. This shouldn’t be limited to the appearance of the building itself – you need take into account your parking lot as well. When it has already sustained extensive damage, pave it with a better and more durable material.

1. Concrete: This specific material is known for its durability and low-maintenance performance, allowing it to last up to 30 years. Concrete parking lots are highly resistant to chemical exposure and may come in different designs to give your parking lot a better look. However, this material takes a long time to install and is prone to cracks under extreme weather conditions.

2. Asphalt: Functional, durable and cost-effective, asphalt is probably the most popular parking lot material in both homes and businesses across the country. An asphalt parking lot is installed in a shorter amount of time, and, when maintained properly, it can last up to 20 years. Plus, its sleek black surface allows for a higher aesthetic value.

3. Gravel: This choice is cost-efficient to install and allows for a lovely finish once completed. But gravel parking lots may suffer from surface runoff during heavy rainfall. This means you’ll have to spend a considerable amount of time topping those bare patches. 

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