How Long Should Sealcoating Last on Your Driveway?

Sealcoating refers to the application of a specialized liquid coating to asphalt pavement. This gives driveways a finished look and helps protect the surface and foundation from harmful elements, resulting in fewer repair appointments in the future. 

In this article, we reveal how long sealcoating on your driveway should last.

How Often Will You Need Sealcoating?

While each driveway is different, there are common factors that can help determine how often you will need sealcoating. On single-family residential properties, sealcoating lasts for about two to three years on average. This lifespan is influenced by the degree of traffic, amount of sun exposure, state of the underlying concrete and contaminants like oil spills.

Some homeowners make the mistake of sealcoating their driveways too often in hopes of prolonging its life. The thing is, sealcoating too frequently only builds layers of sealcoat that can develop cracks and holes, which defeats the purpose of adding sealcoat. Letting the previous coat go through its natural life allows you to get the most out of the next one.

When Should You Schedule Sealcoating?

Sealcoating needs ample time to set and dry properly. With this in mind, experts generally recommend applying sealcoat on asphalt pavements when the outside temperature is between 55 and 90 degrees. This is because colder temperatures will prolong the curing process of driveway repairs and asphalt patching. Ideally, you want to start around 70 degrees in the morning and then throughout the afternoon as the temperature increases.

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